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Epiphone Goldtop Les Paul Standard 1996 ?


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Hi, All.

I'm from Ukraine. I want to buy Epiphone Les Paul with Goldtop, that looks like this gitar:


but in well condition.


Seller is privat person from Ukraine too. The gitar serial number is U6090032.

In my opinion this is:

U - Korea, Unsung

6 - 1996

09 - september


So: is it REALLY Epiphone Les Paul, not counterfeit ?

I search net but can't find enough info ...



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It's probably legitimate. Most of the counterfeits sport later manufacturing dates in an attempt to make them seem 'new'. You might want to check the control cavity. if it seems extremely cheap and sloppy, that would be cause for concern. If the wiring looks to be fairly well done then it's probably real. However I'd not be too worried about this one.

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The fit and finish is really nice on the sparkle tops, except the sparkles get a little sloppy in the neck joint glue and there a random glitter flake or two that wont come off my fretboard. The gold ones are kinda rare..I've seen alot of blue and silver ones and one or two red sparkle tops. Plays great!!

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