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A Newb and A Soldering Iron: Need some help, please

geetar playr

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Hey all,

I think I burned out my volume pot switching out the pups in one of my guitars. (probably something only a newb with a soldering iron could accomplish!).

No problems with volume actually, but when I turn down the volume knob for the bridge pup, there is no decrease in volume until I get to 2-3, and then it goes down to a noticeable level, and then crackles, and then no sound at 0-1. :-s

So...did I fry the volume pot? Or is this something to do with my wiring?

I guess that leads to my second question - any advice on changing out volume pots? I guess I'll get some ordered and try to switch out both volume pots this coming week.

Alright, thanks!

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It's possible that you burned the pot with your iron. The key in these endeavours is to work quickly and avoid 'cooking' the components. What size iron are you using? When I started out I used my old man's iron which is a 125-watt monster. Those soldering guns aren't the best either; they're not really the thing for delicate work. Best is a small soldering pencil, 25 to 30 watts.

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I understand that it's a good practice to turn the shaft on the pot all the way counterclockwise ("off") before soldering to avoid damage.


One of my OCDs is I always set all the potmeters to zero when I finish playing for fear of crackle and popping in the usable part of the pottaper.

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OK, yeah, the bridge Tone Zone's output is somewhere around 17....I don't really hear a difference in turning down that pup until I get to around 2 or 3.

And yeah, I probably did not turn volume pot to 0 when I did the work.

Yeesh! :-k Hey, I blame all of you guys, actually! After reading all the posts on guitar mods, I decided to try it myself and swap out these pickups! (actually, yeah, I blame myself) But hey, lessons learned. I got this particular guitar to do some mods on, so no worries, and appreciate all the good knowledge on this site. Of all the forums I go to, the Epi forum is the go-to site for knowledge, I think.

If anyone else knows this, too...

I measured the output of pups with the multimeter, and it was slightly lower than indicated on the Dimarzio website (I am measuring about 1.0-1.3 difference in output on the pups).

Is that normal? Should I be worried about a relatively small difference, or do you think I did something wrong?


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