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Can you convert a bass guitar to a 6 string?


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Just wondered as ive seen some really nice bass guitar projects for sale on ebay and wanted to know about scale sizes and stuff?


Is the fretboard the same and nut just different.?

Obviously would need diff pickups and machine head holes is that about it?

Would the bridge be in diff position?




Really lookin to throw the boat out on my next project!!!

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Even a short-scale bass such as an EB-0 is 30" from nut to bridge. A regular bass is more like 32", even 34". You can't just 'move the bridge' since its position is pretty much set by the fret spacing; the bridge has to be as far from the 12th fret as the nut.


To compensate for the increased scale length, the strings would have to be tight as drums (they'll probably break a lot) and I don't know if the thing would stay in tune as you go up the neck. Besides, where are you going to get strings that are that long?


And before you ask, the same is pretty much true for trying to turn a guitar into a bass. Not going to work.

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Well' date=' on the opposite side of that idea...I think the guy from the band 'Local H' has a Bass pup installed on his guitars, since they are a 2 piece. You can find pics of that out there. Interesting.[/quote']


Well bass parts have been used on guitars before.

I've seen hot-rodded strats and teles with P-bass polepieces, really define the bends.

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