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Epi vs. cousin

Ron G

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While on vacation, Dave lent me his latest acquisition, a highly-modded late 90's SG.

Looks like it was a Jr. (one tone, one volume) but now it has 3 pickups (bridge is a

custom-wound soapbar P90, the other 2 are unknown), a 5-way rotary switch and a

Bigsby-type "maestro" vibrato. My humble Dot Studio holds up quite well. Neck and

action are very similar, the bridge pickups sound good but are very different - the

Mean 90 is louder and brighter. A fair comparison of the other pickups isn't possible

because I don't know what the SG's are, although again, both guitars sound good

but the Mean 90 is brighter. I realize this isn't exactly apples vs. apples but I'm happy

to report that my bargain-priced Epiphone plays and sounds just as good as its more

expensive cousin. Hurray for Epiphone (and GFS, too)!


BTW: Most of you know that I'm "Mister Wound G", and sure enough, the plain G

on the SG really sounded like crap with open chords.


Edit: The other 2 pickups on the SG are mini hums but I don't know their origin. I noticed

how th gain really kicked in when I switched to them from the P90 alone.

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