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Pod X3 or Vox Tonelab LE for Epi Les Paul Std?

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Hi Guys!

At the moment I'm only using the built-in amp plugin within Cubase 4 but I wish to buy a more standalone solution. I've been looking, not yet listening, at the new POD X3 and the Vox Tonelab LE. I'm looking for a warm jazzy or bluesy sound with very mild distortion in the first place, although I'd like to have the possibility to use some heavy metal sounds as well. What do you think, POD or Vox? Which is best with the Les Paul I have?



A very confused islander from Sweden

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I've got a PODxt and can only tell you that very I'm happy with it. More so for distortion tones rather than clean however. I use it with headphones so I can rock out w/o disturbing the family and neighbors.


I don't think there's any way to tell what's going to work for you other than for you to try them out. What I generally do is buy "used" and if I like it I keep it, otherwise I sell it and buy something else. Most of these units keep their resale value pretty well as long as you don't beat them up.

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I'm a Line 6 guy myself. I had a PODxt up until about a month and a half ago. I now have a PODx3.

This thing is incredible. I love the ability to play through 2 signal chains at once. I can play my Ultra II's nanomag p'up through a great acoustic chain and get as dirty as I want with the humbuckers on the second chain simultaneously.

Or, I can "virtually Y' out" or split the signal through 2 chains like I have 2 different rigs set-up out from my guitar's 1/4" jack. I didn't think that I would like the 2 chain option near as much as I do. Makes a huge difference. I have a lot of tones set up for a clean or slightly over driven tone matched up with a killer heavy distorted tone. It's like having a second guitar playing the same identical thing you are playing. It's also pretty cool to have 2 different distorted chains going at the same time.

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