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Gold tuners not Grovers?


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Those are Jin Ho tuners. Korean company' date=' quite possibly the same outfit that makes the 'Grovers' Epiphone uses now. Epi switched to the 'Grovers' sometime in 2002.[/quote']


So the new Grovers are not real Grovers, like you'd buy aftermarket? Thanks for the help, you guys are good.

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OK. Please enlighten me.


The Grover Rotomatics on my Sheraton are not made by or for Grover but for Epiphone?


Is Grover still in business?


Who makes them if Grover doesn't?


If I buy Grover Rotomatics through StewMac, AllParts or whomever, who makes those?

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Grover, sadly, moved their production to Korea. Used to be you could still get NOS American Grovers from the Canadian distributor but I think most if not all of that stock has been exhausted.


I'll be buying Pings from now on.


BTW the knobs on the Jin Hos are not quite the same as those used for Gibsons:


Original Jin Hos:



Gibson OEM tuners:


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