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Custom bass..How?


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Hey NR - Plenty of good luthiers out there. I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but there's an interesting cat name of Jon Hill - used to be out of Cleveland, now in FL working for Hamer. (insert sigh here)... Anyway, he built mine, and it's fantastic. I paid $3500, but it's want I wanted. I could have paid lots more or less, but whatever you do, do your research/homework, and make sure you know everything you want in great detail before embarking on this journey - it will save you heartbreak and pain later!

Humbuckers required?

PU configuration?


Where/how to set controls/jack?

Neck-through or bolted and length?

Solid or laminated neck?


Fingerboard wood?




Blah blah, but unless you know these for starters, your shopping will be a foggy and less than joyous experience. I drew out a few versions of mine, compared with every other maker I could find, talked to other players, and got continuous feedback from Jon throughout the process. He added a few "tweaks" as it all came together.

And #1 = NEVER plunk down all your cash at the start!! A reputable builder will take a dp and then get it done.

Best Wishes - post pics


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