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Any of you USA guys have any info on this ??


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Just bought a new toy. 2004 Gibson Les Paul Special in red with gold hardware.Came with original case with

black shroud & lining. Took a fancy too it 'cos it has the little ''tummy tuck'' & is a bit lighter than my Epi Black Beauty.

It was cheap as chips & I just couldn't help myself ! The thing is that I can't find much info on this model online, I

know that it is a 'lower end' Gibson,made in Nashville & is no longer in production, but that's about it. If any of you guys from the US

can help me out with links/info on this model, I would be very grateful. (I'm anal about things like this. If I own a

guitar, I need to know everything about it !!)


Also, when I can work out how to post pics, I will do](*,)


Cheers fellas,


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Let's see, flat top mahogany body/neck, Ibelieve 490/498 combo, nice guitars. A guy at another forum I frequent has one, and loves it, says it's almost SG-ish sounding, and the weight is compareable to an SG too. Don't belive they make 'em anymore. I'm thinkin' you can look it up in Gibson's archives.

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Any pictures?! That would help us.


Does it have P-90's, P-100's, or humbucker's? There were several versions, of the "slab" body "Specials."

Does the neck have "Dot" or mini-"block" markers?

I think the one's with "Gold" hardware were Humbucker equipped... Great little guitars, though.

It's been said, that Les Paul himself preferred the "slab" bodied versions, to the carved top. Not

sure how true it is, but that's what I've heard/read. As I remember, the one's I've played were

quite resonant, even unplugged. So, if it's mechanically/electrically sound, it should be a great

guitar, tone wise. Enjoy!!



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I saw a relatively-recent picture of Les Paul' date=' and it looks like the guitar he's playing is a carved top. The pickguard has a bracket on it, anyway.[/quote']


Yeah, he plays whatever he wants to play...I've seen different photos of him with just about

every LP at some point. It was just an article I read, regarding the different models, and how

they came about...and he mentioned that he had always liked, or "even perferred at one point,"

the "slab" bodied one...Specials, etc. But, I'm sure he's like a lot of players, likes to switch

around, a bit.



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Cost 360 of our Great British Pounds images.jpg


So, similar in price to an Epi LP Custom, but cheaper than a sheraton, casino, emperor, BB Lucille, etc.

Don't really know if I've paid too much, but I'm happy with it & we in the UK get stiffed over prices for

decent instruments anyway.( I mean Squiers are in the £200 bracket, for gawd's sake !!)

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It is nothing like the original Les Paul Special. I've got the book "The Les Paul Legacy 1915 -1963" in front of me.

It shows the Special with P90's. The book says "Pickups and electronics were identical to that on the Goldtop versions" which made sense as we are talking 1955.

I have an Epiphone version, sunburst with two humbuckers. It was my first Epi. Initial reviews said don't buy it. I bought it, set it up and is now a nice guitar.

I'm not promoting the book, but it is worth getting.

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The photos look exactly like my Gibson LP Studio. The pickups are the same also. It certainley doesn't look like a Special...Curious......


The studio has a carved maple top. The special is a flat slab body. Nice looking guitar, though.

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