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I just got one and love it! I like it so much, I am now looking for either a EF-500RANS or a DR-500RANS. I've not read the rules on this forum yet, but, I'm going to offer up some trade bait if some one would like to give one up. It's a Larrivee OM-03R. If you are interested, email me at Michael.Perkins@youngstown.af.mil


Just a note on my new Epi....It blows away the Larrivee....not that the larrivee is a bad sounding guitar, just not as much projcetion, thats all.

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It is, really, a wonderfull guitar =P~


If i could choose i´d pick the VS but i am pretty amazed with my NS, the only one avaliable in Europe 2 months ago.


Try some 0.11 elixir nanoweb, you will be out of your mind with this sound =D>

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Hi Mario,

I see you're from Portugal, a beautiful country. Sorry to say that the only artists from Portugal I know are Madredeus. I have some older CD's from the 90's and I really like them.


A store in my town has (or, at least, had until a few days ago) a VS model. I'll send a link via PM.


I just put on some D'Aquisto Bronze Master strings on my EF-500RVS: I cannot stop being surprised of its great tone!


And I'm so impressed that I'm considering buying an EF-500MVS that another store in my town carries. The mahogany one has a dryer tone but the vibe and resonance are identical...it could be a nice variation on a theme! In this case I'd love it to be NS...


They also have an AJ-500RC 12 fret but somehow I wasn't impressed by that guitar; possibily a "dud" (I learnt this term on this forum).

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