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Can I put a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Neck p90 on an Epiphone DOT Studio?


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I have an LP custom with a set of SD Phat Cats.

They sound awsome as a pair.


VERY clean with a nice bite to it.


I've played a Dot Studio with SD Phatcats. You describe it almost perfectly. The semi-hollow body picks up a bit of twang at the bridge. A very impressive sound.

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I want to put a p90 on my DOT Studio - is this a simple matter of replacing the existing humbucker with one of these (SD Phat Cat p90) and leaving the bridge pickup as it is?



I just did it with a non-studio Dot.




Seymour Duncan makes a P90 (without the dog ears) that retrofits humbucker spaces.

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