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The last piece of the puzzle finally is home.....when nobody else had one ANYWHERE, and everyone was/is on "Back Order," my local guitar shop had the "last one" hanging on his wall, brand new....it only took me 3 minutes to decide to buy it, and I'm THRILLED! The sound is incredible and it's built so well!!(The Masterbilt AJ-500ME VS in the middle):



I note that there is no strap nut on the neck joint area, and I'll be buying one and installing it today....I like the flat area at the base of the neck, as shown here, for the install: (Think it's ok to put it there?)



Suggestions welcome!



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As long as you:

* Stay back from the end of the heel as far as possible. Where your pen point looks good.

* Pre-drill a pilot screw hole at least as large a diameter as the shank of the screw, i.e. measure between the threads, valley to valley on opposite sides of the screw.

* Lube the screw with either bar soap or candle wax.

* Place a felt or cork washer between the button and heel. It should come with one. If not, demand one.

* And... don't over tighten the screw.

* Probably would be a good idea to protect the area around the screw in case the screw driver slips. You don't want to put a hole or gash in your nice new guit tar.

* If the screw gets to a point it won't go any further STOP! Figure out why that is. Maybe the pilot hole needs to be deeper.


** Install at your own risk.

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I agree with all that TommyK said. I prefer mine to be on the "down" side of the neck, about half way between the apex of the neck and where it joins the body. That is where it is on my Taylor, and I like it there. Do what you will! Be careful!

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