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Anyone know who pre wires assys? and EBAY companies


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Does anyone know a VALID source that sells pre wired ES kits, but for the Joe Pass? I don't know if I have the patience to fish out all that again...LOL!


Not for anything: It seems a lot of Ebay companies are not valid...S******* music parts had a LOT of problems so they changed their name or selling the business proposedly...and don't know squat about guitars or parts from the simple order I made, I can tell. Delays, exchuse, wrong parts, blamed the vendor, delays, exhuse..over a month to get strings, pots and capactors..and they were wrong except for the darn spragues....some company.


I recieved a 62 Fender MIJ set up, which was not orginial at all. Alpha pots and an in line switch...since I had a 62, I know it wasn't right...and the darn switch didn't work on top of it all...and it came prewired and pickups work fine.


A lot of these companies are people sitting on thier butts and just drop ship or at home putting cheapo pots and wires together and selling them as 'replacements' to orginials. I doubt they are even valid legal companies. They just have a cover page...like they are some large outfit; one even shows "Employment Opportunities" and I KNOW FOR A FACT: don't exist. They run it out of an apt, but, do have a small fix it shop.


When you finially get parts, they come from another address half the time....one company didn't even show the country of mfg. of a pickup...and would not upon written request....man, it's getting bad out there...does EBAY actually check the validity of proposed companies? They won't answer me on that one...LOL!...and I repeately asked them..do they Validate business #s of proposed companies..NO ANSWER...because some of them are EBAY outfits from what I learned. They drop ship from vendors as well....what a world.


So, anyone know a valid source for parts that is reasonable and reliable?

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