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Happy 65th Birthday, Mick!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron G

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I saw them in June of 72 at the Akron Rubber Bowl. Great show. Piled in a car with six others and I was the only one that didn't go to jail. Unfortunately, I wasn't the one driving.


Wow, 65. Him and Keith don't look a day over 80. But they have lived a good, hard life.

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Happy Birthday Mick!


I was in London in 1964 and saw their first TV appearances there and loved Rolling Stone's music from that time on.


Although the Beatles totally eclipsed them within a few months I have always secretly liked the "bad boy" image that the Stone's developed. Lock up your daughters? You betcha!


Sheesh! I guess I just blew that secret, didn't I?



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I saw a biography show on mick the other day..

how that terrible low life rock n roller managed to raise girls that sweet is only slightly less baffling than how pretty they were.

Happy Birthday Mick.


I just got a copy of between the buttons lp at a garage sale.. a coinky dink because I was about to buy a cd..

pops clicks skips and scratches didn't hide a thing. What a great album that was.

among many!

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