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need info--Regent Acoustics

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A couple of these presently on ebay: one each 30 & 220. Anyone have any experience with or thoughts on 'em? Have been thinking about getting the ac/elec PR4 pack to split with my kid--he gets the guitar to learn on & I get the amp--but thinking I may want just a bit more power. FYI--I'm an acoustic blues fingerpicker, mostly, and would be using this solo in small venues--coffehouses, small bars, etc.

How do these stack up vis a vis, say, the Fender Acoustasonics? I've used and heard others use these from time to time and they seem quite fine. I have checked Harmony Central revues and they are pretty inconsistent about the Epis. Some love 'em, some not so much. Few if any seem to downright despise 'em.

What's your take?

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