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should my dirty finger pickups move around?


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when i touch them like press them, trhey move slightly towards the guitar headcase and towards the tail of the guitar like. uno that directiong ;)! horizontal as if u were holding ur guitar.

im just worried that it may affect the pickup if wen ur cleaning your guitar you move it slightly,

how gentle should i clean around the pickup etc, nd what should i use, =]

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It's normal for humbuckers to pivot around a bit on their mounting screws.


Didn't they try to get around this at one point by using 2 screws on each side of the pickup? I remember seeing quite a few guitars like this 15 - 20 years ago' date=' but most have since gone back to the single mounting screw (I mean a single [b']pair[/b] for each p-up).


I figured it wasn't that big an issue in the first place...

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