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Epiphone Bass what year and whats it worth


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I have a Epiphone Bass that has a jass bass body,It also has a thumb rest on the bottom and a volume knob along with a tone knob.....The Ser # is 0085331......Can anyone tell me what year it is and what its worth?

The body is in great condition and works great, I was told it was a 66 - 69 bass.

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Hey Cat,


Here's a link you can use to check details about your Epiphone, using the serial number. I hope it still works.


Nice to see someone posting on the bass forum. If they had graphics for this forum, it would be cobwebs and tumble-weeds blowing around.





(Later, edit)


Ok, this is what I got from the link and your serial number. You may have to ask around or guess, to decide what it's worth. Made in Korea is a good sign, I think. Some folks swear by those, and that manufacturing period. Most of the newer/cheaper stuff is now made in China of course, and believe the Korean products have a good reputation.


Your guitar was made in


August c.1990

Production Number: 5331

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Hey bro thanks for the info.....

The only problem I have with the information on it is that my bass has made in Japan right on the heel ofthe neck and the guy I got it from gave me the receipt when he bought it at a pawn shop back in 84 for $320.00

So I iam kind of lost on the info.

He swears that he had one just like it back in 69 and was stolen and then he found this one............

Anyways it sounds great and has that old vintage sound I like for the blues and jass I play.

Again thans for your help.

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Wow, I don't know then... the serial number checker probably isn't perfect. Basses as old as me (from 1969!) might not even be in their system.


If you can post a picture, I bet some of the cats on the electric guitar forum could tell you more about it, if they could see it.


Whenever I ask bass-related questions over on the other forum (Electrics), I explain something like "you guys are so knowledgable and not many people view the bass forum", or whatever. It keeps them from reminding me to post bass question here.


Good luck!

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