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Gotta love those Bazaar guitars...?


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I suppose to the untrained eye, who would know? But that 1275 wannabe has a few obvious points of "interest" to my eye, and for these people to think they'd pass THAT off as an Epiphone? Gimme a break. And most aspiring guitarists would at least have a concept of what their particular potential aquisition looks like, I would at least think anyway. It is kinda funny though, they think people are that frikkin' stupid, if I didn't know, I'd bring along someone who did.

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OK mate I've got to ask how do you identify that these are fake??.


You're right they look to the untrained eye to be real' date=' and look good, gee it getting tough.






Yeah really. How do you know that their fake. If i saw one of those guitars at the store, i would get it. Good point R.R....again!

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