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Slash Signature or Sunburst Standard LP

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Well everyone here told me the Epi LP necks are a mix between the 50's and 60's necks' date=' so maybe the Elitists have the thicker neck (I don't know which).[/quote']


that sounds about right, but the odd thing is that I mean the customs have thicker necks than all the others, I just thought that was odd...made me want a custom...a white one with nickel hardware


I mean it was enough difference I know if I was blindfolded I would be able to tell custom or standard instantly

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haha sure


hmm' date=' my computer is over 4 years old (laptop) so I dunno...


sadly I've never played a VOS, but the 61 reissues sure are nice when plugged into a warm tube marshall


there's just something about this one LP though...I mean I am amazed every time I touch it...the action is sooo low it plays itself but no matter how hard I strum there's no buzz at all, the neck fills my hand just right, and every thing is just "right"


just a plane old black standard otherwise...looks so average but the playing and tone are the best I've come across[/quote']


Oh yeah, I've played fantastic '61's, but they couldn't touch this thing, maybe it was Murphy aged...


But it was gone the next week, and I miss it. :D


My Custom Classic has a thinner neck than my Ultra (going by feeling).

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