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Cherryburst vs Honeyburst


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After seeing a 2007 and 2008 (Bluemoons 2008) Cherry' date=' I will consider buying a Traditional in it one day heehe.[/quote']


theres something odd wih the colors of the traditionals. The HGC is way off.....I'm looking at getting one in desert burst but if the HGC really looks like deepblue's and bluemoon's I would get that instead

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June 2008?! Wow! Thread from the Dead!.......lol!


Honestly, do as was first suggested in post #6; play as many Les Pauls as you can find and choose the one which feels/sounds the best. Choosing by looks alone is never a good idea IMO. Before I discovered this to be true I passed by what is my #1 LP not once but THREE TIMES because it wasn't what I THOUGHT I wanted.


As one of the smarter members here has in his sig-line 'Always Trust Your Ears'.


Also be aware that both the HCSB and HSB colour options vary from guitar to guitar depending on a great many variables.


FWIW here are my examples of both finishes. As can be seen the Honey is much darker than the usual 'look'. This is because the grain/figure of the maple is, itself, quite dark.

HCSB on left; HSB right;

JamPortraitFramedlo-res_zpse52607ad.jpg HoneyPortraitFramedlo-res_zpsec6b3780.jpg



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Guest Farnsbarns

Go with cherry. If you don't like it, cover the neck and sun bath it.

A Heriatage Cherry guitar will turn Iced Tea after a while. Just the way it is, red fades more than any other colour.

If you're looking for a good book "Beauty of the Burst" is worth picking up. Full of pics too!!

Cherry eventually fades to Iced Tea. Iced Tea eventually fades to Lemonburst.


Unfortunately not. Modern dyes are far less effected by UV. Add moder plasticizers to the nitro and virtually no UV will even get to the dyes.

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I actually have a Caramel Burst, so I voted Honey. Never saw them side by side, but they look very similar in color. Maybe one is darker than the other? IDK... I also have a Tobacco Burst as well. They are both very cool colors. I do like the Cherry finish, but if you ask me the Honey/Caramel is cooler!!

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while i do find them somewhat attractive, (never liked tobacco or silver bursts) many of the traditional bursts turn me off because they are so very commonplace. i like stuff you dont see all the time, every single year. i see those finishes and they give me such an underwhelming feeling.

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