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Ok so now I'm really wanting to experiment with my LP

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I am really debating a pickup swap in the bridge of my LP now...fact is I don't need 2 guitars with the exact same pickups.


I'd like one to have a more vintage type sound, think Burstbucker 3...


But I'm also broke so I'm looking to go between the Crunchy Pat or Fat Pat from GFS. I have an ultra hot zebra crunchy pat in the neck already, and I like it a bit. Its smooth and full but thats not what I want in the bridge...I want a vintage type sound but still with bite.


I dunno how much difference there will be between these 2 and/or the 498t thats already there...has anyone else compared them?

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Well, I guess a vintage 59 neck, fat pat bridge may work, or a vintage 59 crunchy pat, or a fat pat crunchy pat, or dual crunchy, dual fats.

Still, I think a mean 90 might help, too, bridge or neck, they really add something to the sound.


Never stop experimenting. I'm thinking of putting push/pulls into EVERY guitar I have. How's that for not leaving gear alone?

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I played with a push pull one once' date=' never in series...what does that do?[/quote']


Thicker tone.

Kind of like the difference between position 1 on a vintage (non reverse wound) strat and positions 2 or 4.

Runs both pickups collectively, so there's greater output. Try it sometime. Nice boost for soloing.

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Combinations I've tried (bridge - neck):


Mean P90 + Mean P90 = Retro, very nice

GFS crunchy PAF + Mean P90 = BFGish, good contrast

GFS crunchy PAF + Burstbucker #1 = Hot and not, excellent

'57 Classic + Mean P90 = Simply great (current Dot config)

'57 Classic + Burstbucker #1 = Swee-et

Burstbucker #3 + Burstbucker #1 = Incredible, best LP sound (current LPC config)


Every combination was more than OK. Mean P90 works IMO better in the neck position than in the bridge,

and Gibson's PAFs sound awesome in any position.

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