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Firebird, anyone?


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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, bit I'm not sure about the "'62 reissue" description - it just looks like a regular Epiphone Firebird Studio to me. It's a little hard to see from the photo, but the finish and trussrod cover point in that direction. Looks like it has the proper 'banjo' style tuners as well (which all Firebirds should have in my opinion!), which again points to a recent Studio model.


Probably a nice guitar...the Epi Firebird Studios are generally very good.


I think the Firebird has always been a strange model for Epiphone. I remember playing a fairly old one (probably late '70s or early 80's I'm guessing), and it was lovely - a through neck model - up there with many Gibsons I have played. '90s Epi Firebirds are best left alone. I had a couple, have played a few more, and never found a good one...ever. Then they produced the 1963 (Firebird VII) reissue, which was a great guitar - and these Studio models are good too.

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