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A personal thank you to all


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I just want to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful, knowledgeable members here who gave me the confidence and knowledge to perform surgery on my baby.


I fell heir to a '97 MIK Epiphone Riviera thanks to some odd circumstances, but from the moment I got her it was apparent that the electronics in her were shot. I happened across this forum thanks to a LOT of internet searches on ways to restore her to her full glory.


I lurked here for some time before finally joining up, and just wanted to take this opportunity with my first post to thank all of those whose insight and knowledge made it a far less daunting experience than it would otherwise have been.


Thanks to the advice offered to others here she now sports a new matched pair of GFS vintage 59 pickups, four CTS 500K pots, new Sprague Orange Drop caps, and Switchcraft selector switch and jack plug. The operation was by no means easy due to having to work through the f-hole, but after an initial failure in my wiring she is now fully restored and sounding better than I could have imagined. The difference in quality between the replacement parts and the cheap stock components is like night and day!


So again, many thanks to all here for being such a friendly and helpful crowd, and I hope that I can in some way repay the knowledge I have gained here.

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