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Just Strum

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Reading the Elitist thread got me to thinking about my existing guitars and how I rank them in terms of preferred playing.


I have five right now, but I'll just rank the top three.


#1: Has to be the Dot. It's the most versatile, great sound and playability.


#2 Fender Strat. Good sound, comfortable and high quality.


#3 The WildKat. Moving up in ranking, but still not ready to overtake the Strat. I'm warming up to the P90's and I like the size and playability.


So the least expensive ranks at the top. The most expensive is losing ground to the WildKat. I enjoy all three and the ranking could easily change in the #2 and #3 spots.


If you have more than one, can you rank them. It you have more that most, just rank the top 3 to 5 guitars.

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#1: The SG. It plays well, and recreates that AC/DC sound well. Plus it looks awesome.


#2: The CC LP, only because I'm still on the honeymoon.


#3: The LP Ultra. Feels comfy, and was my main guitar, but it's rather boring.


#4: Squier Strat. I wonder why? Really though, it ain't half bad for $180...

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I'm digging the George Harrison avatars!!!! YES!!!


(Oh, where was I?) Oh yeah!


Ranking the guitars:


1. Gibson Les Paul Studio ("Gibson")

2. Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster ("Poncho")

3. Epiphone Les Paul Custom ("Obsession")

4. Fender 1968 Reissue Stratocaster ("Lefty")

5. Epiphone Les Paul Standard ("Rosemary's Baby")


Unranked: Alvarez Acoustic

Consolation: Squier J-Bass

Guitars for Recording: Gibson Les Paul (1st choice), Fender HWY 1

Guitars for gigging: Epipone LP Custom, Fender 1968 Reissue

Travel Guitar (although I gigged with it last night): Epiphone Les Paul Standard


Guitars I play the most? The Epiphones. Daily. So much so that my other guitars are probably pulled out once a week unless I'm recording or I have something that specifically calls for one of the Strats.


(And yeah....I named my guitars. Sick in the head, I am...)

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1. Hagstrom Viking


2. G-400


3. Brownsville LP


4. Squier Strat


Really tough for me to decide between the Viking and the G-400. The Hagstrom is new, less than a year old, and almost everything on it is as perfect as I could ever ask (the only thing I want to change is the nut, the G binds a little), but the G-400 has been slowly upgraded piece by piece over several years to ultimately realize everything I wanted out of it. Bottom line, though, the Viking plays better and is truly the superior instrument, designed, marketed and priced accordingly.


Of course, my favorite is always the one i'm playing at the moment.

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OK lets see............

#1 SG

#2 LP Black Beauty

#3 Whilshire

#4 Strat/strat copy


Once the LP Studio & Flying V arrive that list will change.. O:)/ for a while anyway.


That perferance does change depending on what I practising or playing first, like if I'd doing heaver rock then probable the LP BB, classic rock the Strat or Whilshire........... Oh heck there all #1's :-k





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(1) Epi Les Paul Studio...set up perfect, plays and sounds great

(2) ok...was the Peavey Reactor and still is but not by much

(3) Epi WildKat, have had it a day and when I get it to my liking it surely will take over the #2 spot

(4) Ibanez Talman 50...sometimes you just want that acoustic sound

Funny tho I do swap from one to the other alot. I don't even have the plug in either of them right now..I just grab the one that suites me as I am sitting down to play and plug it in.


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Lot of nice guitfiddles here!

With me it is a matter of mood and circumstance. Right now I seem to be spending a lot of time with an old 12 string friend of mine.


I don't have a lot of guitars. I do have a few.

Got each one because of what they ment to me.

Everyone of them is #1 with me.


I hope they have been for others I have played them for.

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Lets see:


1. Gibson DC Pro

2. epi LP Limited edition w/ Gibson Burstbucker Pros

3. epi Wilshire w/ Gibson '57 classics


I have to rank them this way, but I have been loving playing the Wilshire with the '57 classics the last few weeks and have played it a lot more than the others.



1. Martin 000-16

2. '68 Aria Classic

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#1 - Epiphone Casino (Peerless, 2001) This is my "songwriting" guitar. This is the guitar that I pick up when I want to write something or work something out. This is just the most comfortable guitar I own. I can plug it in, or I can play it acoustically. I'm going to college in the fall, and this is the guitar I'm bringing.


#2 - Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster (Mexico, 2007) A second guitar, with completely different sounds, can "re-inspire" me when I just can't get anything to work. The Stratocaster is one of the most popular electric guitars for a reason. I'd like to be able to take this one with me, but I simply can't.


#3 - Squier Stratocaster (China, 2000) For being $120, this guitar feels every bit as nice as the Fender that costs much more. It doesn't sound quite the same, though.


#4 - Fullerton FW-20CE (Aria) This guitar... it's been through a lot. It started out black and glossy, and now it's brown and rough. I sanded it down to the bare wood (on top) and to the first layer of finish on the back and sides. As far as sound goes, it's a great guitar. The dreadnought body isn't for me... though I do like other similarly-sized guitars. It does have a square headstock, though, so from a distance it looks like I'm playing a Martin.


#5 - Gibson LG-0 (Kalamazoo, 1965) This one is forced to be five, because it's currently not suitable for playing. I could play it, if I wanted, but it would cause further damage, and I don't want to do that. I have played it before, and it was a fairly nice guitar. I imagine with the necessary repairs, it will play much nicer. Hopefully, it can take the place of the Fullerton as my primary acoustic.

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1 • Epiphone LP Standard + (Unsung 2004), Loudest and sweetest acoustic tone of all my guitars, upgraded with SD Alnico2 Pros and Peter Green mod.

2 • Bach LP 'Spalted' Tchech made, Cheapest of the lot, amazing wood quality

3 • Home-built 'Less Strat' 25 years old and still unique.

4 • Home-assembled Warmoth Strat 'Poorman Luke' Started as Steve Lukather guitar, evolved into something my own

5 • Gibson LP Classic Custom P-90 one of those instances a guitar speaks to you, bought it, then found out it was guitar of the week I was born in. Coincidence? I think not.

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1). Daion Heritage 78 Acoustic (1980,Japan)This is my" songwriting guitar".This guitar has been with me since 82,and just has a certain magic,although on the down side it doesn`t like capo`s.


2).Epiphone Casino AS (1982 Matsumoku,Japan).It`s been modded to my satisfaction(basically restored,i bought it for $250 on ebay,a couple of years ago,and it had been messed around and abused).Acoustically vibrant,raunchy when plugged in,this is my number one go to electric.


3).Santa Cruz H model Acoustic (2002,U.S.A.).This is pure class,a fingerpickers delight,and deserves a better player than me!!.


4).Fender Classic Player 60`s Stratocaster Sonic blue (2007,Mexico).Only recently purchased,but "WOW"without a shadow of a doubt the best "Strat"i have ever played.These are unbelievable value for the money,(CTS electrics,Custom shop 69 pickups,12"radius fretboard,7 and a half pounds in weight).Once it was set up properly,this Stratocaster became heaven,NO JOKE!!!!!.


5).Epiphone Casino N (1983 Matsumoku,Japan).All original,has the Lennon vibe,this is my stare at lovingly guitar,the Maple figuring is stunning (paricularly on the 3 piece neck),as for sound think "Live Peace IN Toronto".Just a beautiful well made guitar,and i love it!!.

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1 Elitist LP Std+ top

2 Epi 56 reissue (love p90's)

3 PRS McCarty

4 Epi Sheraton

5 F-----r MIM 60th ann. Strat ( think I'm going to sell it or mod it did'nt decide yet )



Martin D18 Golden Era

Martin D35

Martin 00-16 RGTDC



Flatiron F5 Artist

Thats the picking order in my toy box, never enough time to play it makes me crazy. Gotta go the girls are calling they wanna play woo hoo.

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I have 5 guitars, because they're all different and need them for any good reasons at such a time.

But I would say that my LP Ultra and my Telecaster are even at 1st place... depends on my feeling of the day.

My accoustic Ovation 12 strings is my favorite for some other situations, like just singing around a fire with a few friends.

I'm not doing a collection of guitar...they are tools for playing, so I don't have a lot of sentimental "feelings" for them.

I take the one I need for a specific occasion and the day after, it could be another one. I love to play guitar...I'm not in love with my guitars...Lolll

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A point that has been made about the ranking is that it is difficult to rank some, and when you look at the list and pics, there is obvious reason.


I, like most of you gave the ranking on the day I posted, tomorrow or the next the list could be turned around. I know I neglected to play my Dot for weeks after getting my Strat, plus I had the Epi SG and Ibanez ARC300 at the time. One day I plug in the Dot and it shot to #1.



The point, if there is one, is that there are times when a guitar or an amp just knocks your socks off and is just magical that day.


So don't be afraid that you will offend #2 and #3, I'm sure they will understand and realize tomorrow they too could be #1.

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