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Do any of you fellas know why Gibson doesnt put

the word "Standard" on their truss rod covers anymore?


The Gibson logo looks so lonely down there.

I bought a Standard cover yesterdayand put it on. To me it

looks like it should now. Its official Gibson merchandise. I wont

buy aftermarket, even though it would be cheaper.

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I hear ya' bro. I recently bought a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard - Premium Plus that also, did not have the "Standard" truss rod cover. Like you, I replaced it with a genuine Gibson "Standard" replacement cover. I just think it looks so much better.


Is that your guitar in your avatar? Looks alot like mine. (Picture was before I added the new TR cover)


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Yours has some of the most beautiful stripeing I have ever seen.


Thanks for the kind words bro. I was floored when I first saw the top & even more so when I sat down & played it. Awesone guitar it is.


I have the AA version' date=' yours is AAA correct?[/quote']


Yes, mine is the Premium Plus which has the AAA top. Is yours a Standard? If so, you have a great top on that baby for it not being a premium. Looks fantastic!


Very nice!

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Thanks for the kudos.

Yes, its a standard. It was the nicest looking one they had, and it played like

a dream.

Its hard to see in the picture. I find it hard to take pictures of my guitars.

Either the lighting reflects off of the finish creating a huge flash spot, or

I get the blurs.

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Yep...I took 20 or thirty pics of mine before I had one that came out decent. Probably a combination of my crappy camera & me being a bad photographer [-o<


Anyhoo...nice score on the standard bro.


Question for ya'....what color is your jack plate? Mine has a crack where one of the screws go into the body & I want to get a replacement plate...but I'm not sure if it's cream. It's sorta a dirty white...almost a brownish color. Is it Nickel? Cream?


Whatcha think?

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Lucky guy!

Im in Canada, about half an hour from Niagara Falls.

I have no choice but to deal with music shops. Long & Mcquade

is great though, ill give them credit.


I dont want to change mine because its broken. Id just think

nickel looks better then plastic....ya, im fussy! [-o

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