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epi sorrento 90's reissue


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They came out at the same time as the Casino reissues started from Korea. Most I have seen have the Bigsby with an E on it like the 90s Casinos.


I would say $300-400 no more. The other guys may have a better idea for you price wise. My friend who does session work "accidently" bought one 3 years ago for $275 with case. His is orange and has the Bigsby. He told his wife it was an accident.


He saw it on Ebay and knows guitars so put in that bid when it was around 200 figuring someone would outbid him. He won so he told her it was an accident. You would have to know him he really did not expect to win and I bother him about it now and then.


It is like new and he uses it on a few jazz gigs but has an ES175 so the Sorrento doesn't get too much use. I have played it and the PUs sound just a bit weaker than my 2 MIK Casinos but tone wise the same. The Beatles and the Stones never played Sorrentos so they are not as popular. You may get a deal like my friend. They are just a Casino with a different shape.


I don't think the Stones played them anyway. Did Brain have one or I'm thinking of a Grestch he had? Not sure now someone will know.

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