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I'll take a dozen, please.


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Neck pickup: 490R

Bridge pickup: 498T


What. the. ****.


Pickup and wood-wise, you're just buying a les paul studio!!! Ebony boards weren't around in the 50's, either...


If I was buying a gibson custom shop, it'd be either:






I can get the epiphone equivalent of the first for 4000 less and the second for 8000 less.

I can get the same pickups, hardware, all GIBSON branded, and still be 3500 and 7500 bucks better...


Geez, guys.

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I agree about the money - but what are your thoughts on the looks?


Um...overkill immediately comes to mind...WAY to much gold on that guitar, I didn't even bother to look at the price, I wouldn't buy it.

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