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Epiphone Les Paul + S.Duncans pickup help


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Hi i'm thinking of replacing my stock epiphone les paul custom's pickups with some seymour duncans.

i'm not sure as to which ones i want though. i was thinking of either 59 neck and JB bridge, or like alnico ii neck & 59 in bridge, or any other combinations?

any suggestions on whats good, i play heavy, classic, and hard rock.


does anyone have their own epi lp + sd setup they'd like to recommend? or at least somewhere I can go to listen to different pickups besides the website? any help is appreciated!#-o

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Seymour Duncans Hotrodded Humbucker set.

The joyous pairing of the classic SH-2 Jazz with an ever so popular SH-4JB.

Cost is a measly $130 for the pair. Get that classic LP tone in spades.

Check your local retailer for details.

I will also recommend the Seymour Duncan SH-6 Distortion Mayhem Set.

A pair of SH-6 Distortion pickups (ceramic coil) mated for neck and bridge.

It doesn't get much hotter than that. $130 as well.

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Duncan has a few sets that they sell at a slightly lower than seperate purchase price. The twin 59 set, The twin Distortion set and the JB/Jazz set.

All the above are outstanding for most anything and are Great upgrades too the Stock Epiphone p'ups.

Ive had the JB in my Epi LP Custom but got kinda bored with it after sometime and moved on too the Seymour Duncan

Custom Custom/Alnico Pro II set and am Very Very Happy with the results now.

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