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'89 PR-715: Made Where?


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I just acquired an '89 PR-715 (#89010053) and it is an astonishing guitar. I own quite a few Martins and Gibsons, and this guitar actually sounds as good or better than most of 'em, with the possible exception of my oldest HD-28. The thing is, the label does not say "Made in ____" which would normally lead me to believe it was not made overseas, yet everything published by and about Epiphone says it must have been made in Korea. It appears to have a laminated top, yet it sounds like a solid top guitar (and it has really nice herringbone purfling!) I have a Yamaha FG-160 from the same period, with a laminated top, and it sounds like crap, overtones all over the place, no center to tones, and a bugger to tune, even with a well-compensated saddle.) The PR-715 body is probably laminated, too, but the veneer appears like good rosewood, and the color as well. To play and hear this guitar, you'd swear it was a good HD-28 all-solid wood copy. Amazing.


Anyway, if it was made in Korea, why does the intact label not say so? And can someone confirm the construction?

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