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How Loud?

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Just going to repeat what I said in another part of the forum a couple of days ago:


"In my house [the loudness] is why it's gathering dust and I'm using a VOX AD30VT. Family and neighbours complain about the Jnr unless I keep it down really low where the benefits of the amp are lost."

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I had a behringer 30 watt solid state.

It's cleans were louder than the vj.

The vj was louder dirty than the ss amp.

The vj sounded ten times better at any volume.


In short. for low volume, stick a pedal in front and ajust distortion and volume there and it sounds better than an ss will at low volume.

crank it and the ss seems sickly and thin and .. not tooberiffic at all.


it loses at volume only on the clean settings.. five watts clean is pretty low volume..

BUT.. for a lot of bedroom practice with mom dad wife various assorted not old enough to rock out brats hanging around.. the real tone wont be there.. still better than ss.. but you kinda long to push the tubes.


when they all go to church, fake an earache and.. crank it up!

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Ive had a epi valve junior for about a week and a half now and i also play a vox ad-30-vt.


Have to agree with dalron. The epi doesnt get used as much cos i live in a flat. So have to wait for wife and baby to go out! The vox has a controlable ouput so ican play maxed out tone at low volumes. The epi tone is so much better tho. The epi amp is 100000000000000000 times better than vox for running clean and the distortion when you crank it enough is 10000000000000000 times better than the vox too!


Its hard to explain but the epi loudness seems to be a lot more full and tonal where as the vox is loud but thin.

The only advantage with the vox is being able to play at lower volumes with full distortion and having on board effects and simulations.


For the money the epi costs they are amazing such a wonderful crunch! Perfect for your home

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