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Gibson Baldwin Epoch Les Paul Spirit Electric Guitar (?)


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Youtube Video with fat guy playing one...




But in any case....


I think there's a trend here with these....Isn't this Maestro? Who's about to become the Squier of Gibson?


It's kind of weird to see this happening....Gibson is starting to look more like Fender every day. I think Epiphone is probably going to end up much like the MiM Fenders....


(but that's not a bad thing)

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Much as I hate the idea of these things, they have to be better than the crud I learned (sort of) on. Mid-60's, I had a sunburst 3/4 sized Japanese strat copy marketed as a "youth guitar". Action so bad fingers felt like they ought to be bleeding after about 10 minutes playing. And of course, there's always the parental "You wanted it, so I paid good money for it. Now play it before I forget fixing you costs more. Its a good thing we bought the cheap one, Mother, no matter what that salesman said."

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