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DSP bypass Valve Special

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Yes, you are correct. You might find it difficult to solder onto the middle tab of VR6, if so, then find C13 and solder onto the one side of that instead. Make sure you verify you have the correct side of the C13. This all can be done on the top of the PCboard so no need to remove it.


If this is your first time soldering - find some way to practice before attempting on the pcboard. they don't tolerate much heat - especially several 'heating' cycles from failed attempts.

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jumper made from wiper of VR6 to C6 did not work for my amp, no sound. tried another jumper from outer rug of VR6 to wiper of treble pot and it's ok. yes, sound a bit louder and clearer. my amp's version is 0505 (printed on psb).


but surprisingly, the dsp can still be switched on and works, i really don't why. Maybe i didn't really made the bypass, but the sound now indeed sharper and the treble control is more responsive. before this, i have to dial to max to play, now only need to dial to 2'clock to get better tone. or did you guys have such an experience? do you need to remove the small dsp board to completely remove the dsp?


ps:/ i found out that there are 2 versions of valve special schematics. the difference is on VR6 position, one located after treble pot (before C6), the other after the dsp (after R41/C23). in my case, it is the latter.

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pickpicker -- WELCOME to the forum!


The thread on bypassing the DSP was deleted by the EPI moderators some time ago. I cannot tell you how to troubleshoot your situation but, I'm re-posting some advice from cgil -- one of the forum's top modification experts -- that should put you on the right track. Best of luck.


"There are threads over on PPwatt.com that describe eliminating the DSP, which will also dramatically improve the tone.

An easy way to find 'em is look in the SEwatt FAQ's "In Depth Info" section where you'll find links to the major mod threads with schematics. http://www.sewatt.com/faq



Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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