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noob speaker ohm question


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... my question is how would a 4 or 8ohm replacement speaker affect the amps efficiency?

Amp efficiency and end-product (speaker tone) --- are they equal? Maybe so.

Amp/speaker tone is what we're all really trying to maximize' date=' right?

It seems counter intuitive but low watt tube amps sound better running higher ohm speakers..., and more so when you are playing at higher db levels --- every rock guitarist's nirvana level.


Result = at 5 watts VJr. performs best, sonically, running a 16 ohm speaker(s) load. My experiments with 4, 8 & 16 ohm loads matched to VJr. outputs (using same speakers wired differently) have confirmed this to my ears (and a few friends). Web articles discuss why. Here is one of interest: http://www.zeroimpedance.com/faq.html#2) [i']Ignore the product sales pitch and look at #16 - 17.[/i] So maybe, just maybe, ol' Epiphone did know a thing or two after all and that why EPI used a 16 ohm speaker in the matching VJr. cab.


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