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Hmmm....And Epipone "China Red"


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(DISCLAIMER: This is another one of those "let's market these suckers to the Chinese" sorta threads, so take it for what it is....)


Well, with the Olympics and all going on, I suppose it's a foregone conclusion that China has "arrived". So with that....should Epiphone release a limited Edition guitar for the Chinese consumer?




Take an Epiphone Les Paul Special II in a cherry sunburst or cherry as the base model for "the China Red"...




Add one pickguard with a yellow dragon logo. (black, or this color...)




And finally? Instead of the "Epiphone" logo in English, put it in Chinese characters on the top....(or if it's a major expense, on the truss rod cover)


And for the "Plus" model? Gold hardware, grover tuners, "gold hat" volume knobs....


Also for reference: Cherry sunburst...



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He means spacially...

The knob will get in the actual way of the guard.


Hmm....that's a good point.


Sans pickguard' date=' then the next cheapest model is the LP100.....or just do a wet gold decal of a dragon (solid with a black edge) right on the cherry guitar...


Some examples...







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Could even be an excuse for epi to release a melody maker...


That would definitely work. (I did mention the Special II Model as the most affordable out of the models Epiphone makes.)


I'm wondering if at this point if it would be more feasible just to slap a decal on the base model' date=' put on a special truss rod cover with Chinese figures and call it good...(and then, just adding gold h/w to the plus model, including the pickups.)


The whole intention of this is to irrevocably corrupt and destroy Chinese culture with rock music and electric guitars...




EDIT: Another dragon design...



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That one! I believe the traditional Chinese dragon has five toes.




Heck, might as welll make it a big one, too, with the head and the front of the body on the open space below, and the tail passing between 2 gold pickups on the plus model. (with a flame decal around the toggle switch.)

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