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What is this Epiphone?


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Definitely from the same family tree as the EM-1 and the Prophecy EM-2. Note the reverse Explorer headstock.


"The EM-2 is Epiphone's version of the Gibson M-III. They came in black, red, white or sunburst colors. Its body looks a little PRS influenced. The headstock is a reverse Explorer style.


The EM-2 has a locking Floyd Rose tremolo, unlike the EM-1 version which has a non-locking tremolo. Hardware is gold color, and the three pickups are humbucker - single coil - humbucker.


EPIPHONE made the EM-2 (EM-2 Rebel Custom) between 1991 and 1995"

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Has sort of a blistered gold paint appearance' date=' like when you mix two incompatible paints and the deeper coat blisters up.[/quote']


Oh, yeah...been there, done that! When I was a kid, building model cars...who knew that

paint compatibility would be a problem...until it melted the car, or at the very least, wrinkled it!




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That's wild...I thought it was probably "black" to begin with' date=' and he'd put gold leaf on it, and

it was just scratched in places...??? ;>0



Actually it was sky blue original and theres a spot below the strings where the scraping of my playing shows the blue paint just a little. The black painted objects are a Dragon a fighter on the end and upper is a warrior maiden a flag and a troll and theres various runes and accents and pin stipes painted in metallic blue. This picture really doesn't do it justice.

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