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Name 10 influential guitarists...


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They don't have to be in consecutive order, or "the top 10 of all time", but....10 guitarists who are influencing you at the current time.....and why....


In no particular order....


1. Billy Gibbons (fattest tone on Planet Earth. This man is responsible for me getting into Les Pauls!)


2. Jimmy Page (The Dark Lord of the Riff, and since getting the Les Pauls I've gotten a bit obsessive over that phased tone he has when playing clean on the old Zeppelin albums)


3. Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers....(great phrasing. A great example of a guitarist who serves a song vs. using it as a vehicle for soloing.)


4. John Mayer (Since picking up an electric, he strikes a nice balance between Hendrix and SRV with a pop sensibility thrown in.)


5. Brian May (he'll always be on this list. I'm fascinated by his recording techniques and his use of harmonic voicings.)


6. Adam Jones of Tool....(A lot of his stuff is texture in conjunction with locomotive riffing with an amazing rhythm section...out of post-rock influences, this guy's one of my favorites.)


7. Tony Iommi (Oh, that heavy sound! I toss him in here as someone who tone wise influences a lot of other guitarists I like.)


8. Randy Rhoads (I don't know if there's such a thing as "perfect phrasing" for hard rock. But he came awfully close.)


9. Angus Young (It's the simple premise of the songs, and technique wise....that string bending just does something for me.)


10. Lindsay Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac. (The most underrated guitarist and songwriter ever IMHO. His fingerpicking techniques and pop sensibilities are second to none!)

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They don't have to be in consecutive order' date=' or "the top 10 of all time", but....10 guitarists who are influencing you at the current time.....and why....


3. Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers....(great phrasing. A great example of a guitarist who serves a song vs. using it as a vehicle for soloing.)




Chet Atkins

Nookie Edwards

Brian Setzer

Tom Morello

Dickie Dale

Danny B. Harvey

Vince Drury

Hilton Valentine

Billy Squier

See #3 above

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Tom morello(he's a riff machine, and he really shows you a guitar doesn't have to sound like a guitar)

Chuck berry(Simplistic rhythm with impressive but not excessive soloing is much more likely to serve you then a riff and a singular marathon solo)

Kurt Cobain(You don't need ANYTHING, except feeling)

Link wray(Distortion and every effect ever made, put into a simple instrumental, makes a very nontraditional but yet endlessly enjoyable tune)

The EDGE(You can solo all song, and make it sound right, or you can make yourself the rhythm guitarist, and still be the same guy)

Angus young (technique over complexity, TURN IT UP)

Albert king(Blues is blues, nothing wrong with a flying V)

Trent Reznor(Bandmates? Who needs bandmates?)

Pete townshend(When you have an insane amount of money, go ahead, be insane)

Duane allman(Turn the amp all the way up, use your guitar's volume)


How's that?


BB king, clapton, SRV, hendrix, and slash are runner ups.

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....10 guitarists who are influencing you at the current time.....and why....

10 (not obscure) electric guitarist influences... the why... for each is that I hear something identifiably unique about them that I draw upon and they all are unlikely to make anyone else's list (not "guitar heros" -- they are in no particular order):


John Lee Hooker

Tom Fogerty

Ricky Nelson

Bonnie Raitt

Jack White

Stephen Stills

Brian Jones

Robbie Kreiger

Malcolm Young

Warren Haynes


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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#0- this guy-

Because of his incredibly intricate styles, resonate singing and timeless sound. You may have seen him, but you should still check it out. It’s a short video.


#1- Justin Hayward- he's just frickin amazing and I haven’t seen anyone do a cover of Higher and Higher

#2- Eddie Van Halen- he is the reason I discovered tapping which is what made me pick up a guitar

#3- Leo Kottke- because of his intricate finger picking

#4- Buckethead- he plays so many styles which range from slow, country sounds, to super fast shredding

#5-John McLaughlin- because IMHO, he is probably the best guitar player alive

#6- Claudio Sanchez- you don’t have to be super fast to still shred

#7- Yngwie Malmsteen

#8- Paul Gilbert- his complex tapping and shredding styles

#9- Alex Lifeson- he rocks

#10- Brian May- i really like his style

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Alex Lifeson - All around great and inspiring playing

Fast Eddie Clarke - One of the most underrated guitar players ever.. Simple, LOUD and ballsy. Did I mention LOUD?

Ace Frehley - The sound, the vibrato...

Michael Hedges - Technical, but with melodies that just makes you listen to the song

Denis "Piggy" D'Amour - for taking metal guitar and expanding it beyond the box

Tony Iommi - The Grandfather of heavy things

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Tone

EVH - The early works

Randy Rhoads - What could have been?

Dimebag Darrel - Groove and style

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I guess mine is a mostly eclectic list but hey I love these players


1. George Harrison - In the seventies it seemed like every hit song had a G.H. style solo. Its called influence

2. Terry Kath - The heart and soul of early Chicago.

3. Phil Keaggy - Maybe the greatest, most underrated player ever. If you ever see him you'll never say Phil who again.

4. Elliot Easton - His amazing solos on those classic Cars tunes where always too short for me.

5. Carl Wilson - Not many know how good he was after the early surfin riffs.

6. Brian Setzer - never get bored watching him play.

7. Eric Clapton - Class

8. David Gilmore - Style all his own with effects that enhance rather than bury his playing ala Comfortably Numb.

9. Joe Walsh - Funk 49 'nuff said.

10. Chuck Berry - Wrote the book we ALL have crib notes from.

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All have been named, but I'd like to second Lindsay Buckingham. He's a sleeper and very underrated. If you listen to a Fleetwood Mac concert and concentrate on his playing, you'll be amazed every time.


Hendrix had a kind of rough playing style. He played guitar like it was the last time he'd ever have the chance and choked riffs and sounds out of his axe as if his life depended on it. Then, he'd relax and play the most beautiful, delicate riff you ever heard. Interesting picker.


SRV took Hendrix to a new place. He was a good example of building on the past.


Duane Allman didn't invent slide playing, but he made it very, very interesting to listen to.


Brian May took the English sound to operatic heights.


Jimmy Page played just about every style there was to play. He was another revived blues guitarist rocker.


David Gilmour, a true guitar gentleman, There's lots to learn from his recordings.

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I kinda went with a theme here as not to repeat many of the guys like Clapton,SRV,EVH etc..etc.. . But these guys sure influenced the "flavor" of my playing .


Duane/Dickie Betts

Ed King

Gary Rosington

Steve Gaines

Allen Collins

Dave Hlubek

Hughie Thomasson

Ricky Medlocke

Duane Roland

Barry Bailey

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For me, it have to be those guys:

Jimi Hendrix ( the one that put a guitar in my hands )

Georges Harrisson ( I could have say THE BEATLES, They were and still the greatest of all, beeing part of my entire life )

Eric Clapton ( From CREAM to present, he is one, if not the greatest guitarist )

SRV ( for his Hendrix style and very particular sound )

Carlos Santana ( a little Latin flavour I love )

Jimmy Page ( Like Harrisson, I could have named ZEPPELIN )

Johny Winter ( In the 70's when he was a rock guitarist )

Rick Derringer ( His duo with Winter were so great )

Doug Gilmour ( Pink Floyd all the way )

and finally not for the way he was holding his guitar, but for his exceptional sound. Jeff Healy.

As you see, I'm not a young man, so I don't bother much with younger guitarists, but it does'nt mean I can't appreciate them once in a while.

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Hmmm. Most of the dead ones are influencing me now. Or they have finished influencing me. Oh well,


Jimi Hendrix

Chet Atkins

Duane Eddy

Carlos Santana

Nokie Edwards

George Harrison

Eric Clapton

Stevie Ray Vaughn

BB King

Chuck Berry


Now to go back and see what you guys put. Obviously, I haven't listened to much *new* electric guitar in the past 30 years or so.

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