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With the production rates the factories have, you can't make conclusions based on the factory alone.

There are also differences in the specifications and designs between the various designs between the two

(pot placement on SGs, heel size on LPs etc).


I have a couple of DWs, good ones and nothing wrong with them... Most EEs I've played have been OK or better, but some have had blems more than the DWs. Some DWs I've played have had huge tool marks on the fretboard and other dings.


Try it, buy it - in that order.

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I have had both a DW LP Classic Quilt Top LP

and an EE Les Paul Std. Plus Top.

The DW guitar had a bad neck. Shipped with the rod loose the neck bowed and kinked around the 4-7 frets.

Even with work and a filing there was no relief for the buzzing that was there. I had to get rid of it.

The guitar itself was very beautiful and had a mighty fine book-matched veneer quilt that stood out. It was Trans Black.


The EE Qingdao Gibson/Epiphone LP Plus Top is my favorite guitar as of now (Sorry SG Custom, I still love you!).

It is flawless in manufacture and playability. I love the neck, weight, resonance, my new pickups and tailpiece. It has a gorgeous laminated maple flametop.

I think this guitar may have been a lesson in 'how to' at the plant that day. An example of how to put one together properly. I love this guitar.

Qingdao has continually improved over the past year or so. There LP's had bad neck binding problems and ...well just bad binding problems period..

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