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newbie - dot studio - question about stock nut


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Hi All,


I've just discovered this nifty epi forum, and had a specific question for some helpful soul...


Background - dot studio model, light gauge Elixir electric strings (10, 13, 17, 26, 36, 46), "EE" factory (if that makes a difference), purchased a month ago, action lowered for comfort, no string buzzing at any fret, intonation set to properly play barre chords from about the 5th fret on up.


Question - assuming somebody has a similar spec instrument, would you say that the stock nut was cut/set properly as it came from the factory? Apparently, with my ham-fisted technique, I appear to be pulling strings on open chords (C, E) out of tune, and the only thing I can attribute it to is a too-high nut. Some folks on another forum suggested having the nut adjusted, but I wanted to ask around on an epi-specific forum in the hopes that I could fine-tune the resulting feedback before making any changes.


Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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Regarding ham-fistedness, it might help if you'd tell us what your other guitars

are and what strings they have. I got back into electric after a long hiatus, got

a Dot Studio and experienced the same thing as you. A wound G string solved

the problem for me, and for some forum members, too.

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press any string at third fret.. hold. look at distance between bottom of string pressed at 3rd and top of 1st fret.. should be about

a human hair.


sometimes epi cuts them a bit low.. you may have some strings that will actually touch the top of the fret using that method.


nut slots.. don't need to be any deeper than just over half the string.. if it's all the way in the slot, it can bind a bit.. file the top of the nut

carefully so that 55% of the string is in the slot. the rest out..


make sure your windings are few and tight at the tuners post. they can stretch there and take you out of tune.


precut Tusq nuts are available that pop right in.

but even they occaisionally need a little tweaking.

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Thanks, everyone, for all the great feedback.


This dot does not appear to pass Twang's tests --- pressing the strings at the 3rd fret shows the escapement at the first fret to be 0.38mm (according to my collection of old Dunlop nylon picks which were used as a feeler gauge). The nut slots are so deep that none of the strings peep out over the top of the grooves.


In answer to the q about other guitars - I have 3 acoustics - a "beater" Garrison that I picked up cheap, a Taylor 414 and a Taylor 714, all 3 strung with Elixir light gauge Nanoweb. I've tweaked the truss rods on all the acoustics to lower the action for buttery barre chords.


I've got some different D'addario strings on order that I'm going to try out (all with wound 3rds) (EXL110w, EXL115w, EJ20, EJ21). I'm really wanting to *not* fuss with the nut if possible, and am trying the string thing just to see what they feel like. Perhaps one of those sets will help mitigate the tuning issue.


Last resort would be to replace the nut. It is good to know that people's experience is that factory epi nuts are not "the shizzle" (or whatever the kids say).


Thanks all...

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