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UPS never looked so good!


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Yeah' date=' I've seen one like that before, no thanks. Maybe take off the inlays, but the back of the SG looks nice. Less is defintely more in this case.[/quote']


I agree JC.

The back looks a lot like the two that I made. However, those inlays on the

guitar look like overkill. Also, the neck inlays are not quite right

for an SG, which should have more "business like inlays" such as the twin parallelograms or

diamonds or some similar It's too "flower power", more suited to a dreadnought style guitar



Based on the prices that Stew-Mac charges for their MOP blanks, I can't see how that guitar could

made in the US,..possibly offshore somewhere? Besides, the "buy it now price is $650"

...if someone spent dozens of hours inlaying the fb or the guitar in the

US, (which is a LOT of precision work), the asking price would probably be much higher.

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