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I recently installed a Dimazio soundhole pickup in my M*****n. The price was right. I tried one in my 60's Epiphone Texan....drool.... and it made it sound like c**p.

I recently found a Dimarzio sound hole pickup in pretty rough shape that I bought for $10. I put a new cord on it and glued the case back together.

The sound blew me away. Pure acoustic sound no matter how loud it is cranked. I have a " big name" acoustic with a piezo built into the bridge and it doesn't even come close.

I'm the lead picker in our group. For fun I plugged my acoustic into a Boss Overdrive. What a sonic laugh especially if you add some clean digital reverb.......sort of Jimmy Hendrix meets Doc Watson. Great way to clear a small venue.

One must have a sense of humour everytime you pick up your guitar.=D>

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