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Source for repalcement hasps for cases?


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Thanks guys.


I've thought about replacing everything with chrome, that may be the ticket. A new case is out of the question for him now, he can't afford one. It is a really big case for a guitar shaped like a Flying V / Explorer combination (it's a D**n).


I'll check out some hardware store too, I hadn't thought of that. I have found more stuff that I have needed in small hardware stores than I have in Home Depot.

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I have a friend that needs to replace some hasps on an older case. I can find chrome/nickel ones all day long' date=' but he needs gold. If you know of a source I would be very grateful.


Thanks in advance.[/quote']


I think you meant brass plated (BP). I was able to find a BP plated steel draw catch

used for cases at Lee Valley ( a local h/w supplier) here in Ottawa. They have a web

site customerservice@leevalley.com and ship to the US as well as all over Canada.


The size is 2 1/4 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide

and it requires 5 screws. They look similar to my LP guitar case latches (2 1/2 x 1.1/2,

but not exact of course. The catch is spring loaded to prevent accidental opening..partno #00s70.01

($5.60 cdn a pair). Unless you can find the actual part no of the orginal latch, the hole spacing

for the mounting screws (or pop rivets) will be different for most latches.

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