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Power Requirements for Valve Junior AMP Heads


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I am traveling to live in Europe for a couple of years and the power there

runs something like 220-240volts and 50hz. I can buy a step down transformer to

knock the voltage down to 110 but I still to need to deal with the difference in hertz since most

American gear runs 60hz. The power plate on my value jr head says 50/60 hz.

Does that mean it will work on either 50 or 60hz?



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You'll also need to get a new power cord with the standard connector for wherever you go.


Just look at the label on the power transformer. I'll tell you which color wire to plug into the power switch. Those switches are snapped together and very fragile, so BE REALLY CAREFUL about disconnecting the old 115v wire from the power switch. Better to poke it with something to pry the clips apart so it slides off easy. Then crimp on the new one.


The extra foreign voltage taps are on the dead head lugs marked T10, T11, and T12. It's better to insulate them really well and coil them in a corner for hum reduction. But the slip boots slip, so use shrink tube to insulate them with, and slide the boot down over that.


If you haven't done any mods to the power supply or bias, you might consider using the 240v tap if your town is supposed to have 220v but runs higher at 230v. It'll keep the amp running cool and save tubes.



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