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Casino P-90s


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The stock PUs on the Casinos are fine and some of the best that Epiphone intalls into their guitars.


Now metal on a Casino I don't know about that. Not really a metal guitar but if you want a lot of feedback as part of your sound go for it.


My bandmate has the goldtop LP with the P90s and I could see doing metal on that, but I'm not a metal guy so take my opinion for what it's worth and try things out yourself and see what works.

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I have both Korean and Chinese made Casinos--I don't have a desire to swap the pickups in either one. Very happy with mine.


FWIW, I've never felt the urge to swap the pups in any Epi I've owned--including Korean-made Sherry II and LP Classic. The pickups in my imported Casinos are a bit brighter than the Gibson pups in my JL 1965 Casino, but that doesn't mean they sound bad to me.




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