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les paul custom gas


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Lately im really gassing for an epi les paul custom. The white w/ gold hardware is really itchin my scratch. Anybody who plays one wanna talk me out of it or push me over the edge.


I got the black one...but yeah, the olympic white looks good. I wonder what that guitar would look like...with a set of EMG's in it! Mwahahahaha!!!!

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I don't actually have the axe mentioned, but I cannot resist....


Jump! Jump! Jump! =D>


Buy now, ask questions later. If it isn't to your liking, mod it till it is. Still a damn good deal!


Of course, don't risk marriage over it or anything....I remember about 10 years ago coming home with a Strat instead of the used car I was supposed to be picking up...wow! Did I catch hell for that! A few years back, I cannibalized it into a Gib Les Paul Classic...the wife never did like that Strat much! And it made the Paul affordable for me. Also, my dog came back home and my gout cleared up! Well, not really, but it did make the Paul affordable, and the Strat isn't around to conjure up any...bad mojo anymore.


Guitars are just too damn much fun! That will be the worst part about eventually snuffing it and pushing up daisies: No more GAS! Think of a world without GAS. I don't want to be in that world!

Jump! Jump! Jump!! =D>

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