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Legacy amps and Epi amps

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Hi everyone, just a simple question, I hope this hasn't been covered before I did a search and couldn't find any info..... so here's the question.


Are Epiphone amps and Legacy amps the same breed they sure look the same.


I've been looking at some lately and I was put onto Legacy.


Any help will be appreciated.






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Yes, they are exactly the same and have the same range of models. My understanding is that Legacy (and it's also sold under other names in the UK) actually had the amp range first and the Epi bought the rights to sell it under their name.


The latter is just something I've heard but don't know if it's fact.

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I've seen the VJ sold as Grainger(sp?) and Harley Benton. Same PCB alltho the housing and tolex may be slightly different.

The Grainger amps were sold through SoundControl in the UK but they recently went under and shut all (most?) of their shops so the Graingers will not be available now. They were sold at very good prices too.

Harley Benton is sold through Thomann in Germay. I have a Harley Benton GA5 combo and it is indeed identical to the VJ but personally I like its looks better than the VJ.

For a good price on the VJ in the UK look at GAK in Brighton. They were recently doing the head and cab at £59 each.


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