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Easy mods?


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here's a long reply as I wait for my kid to bring me home some food.


first, dbl sensitivity of the speaker is key.. smaller speakers have low dbl.. like. 80 something.

bigger speakers sometimes have higher.. 100dbl sensitivity is good..

so find out what your speaker is and consider that it's louder with higher dbl and that 80 something is very low..

in case you have some small 8" you're using..


second. you can use a number of tubes in the preamp section..comes with 12AX7. that's the highest gain.

then the 12AT7 then the 5751 then the 12AY7..

I love the 5751 in it.. less gain by I think it's 30%.. and a slightly different break up character.. I think it really makes the amp.


You can swap tubes all you want in the power section, but a JJ is what most use.


I've heard some don't like the EH preamp tube, but I think it's pretty good. tung sols get good reviews and a lot of people use JJ's there.


Those two things can make the amp sound quite different.. and all for the better.


the next simplest thing you can change is R1 and R2 on the board.

if yours has 68K in those two positions. you have what is the equivalent of Fenders low input jack..

switch R1 to a 1M 1W and R2 toa 10K 1W and your amp will really open up.


So there are three things to consider..

different preamp tube first..

different power amp tube second..

decent speaker third..


then you have to start soldering. For R1 and R2.


those two resistors are pretty easy to swap.. but you gotta be sure the caps are drained.

for more info on that, the faq, first post in this site, will get you there.



now I go eat.

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