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Hard Case for Dot


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Stay away from the Gator 335 style case. I got one the other week and the base had was cracked badly at the bottom. I put this down to clumsy shipping and they sent me another, guess what, broken in similar place.


This was obviously UPS and their disregard for people's items, but I would say that these cases have a design flaw in that area. The case also felt light and flimsy. The epiphone case is far superior, especially the new style. I have one for my Dot and one for my Casino. The former I was lucky with as it came with the guitar. I had to buy one off ebay for the Casino and it cost about £60 with shipping.



This was the seller: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/musicmadredhead/?_trksid=p3286.c0.m198


But I don't think they have any left...might be worth asking as it came the next day.


These guys are selling them too:




Good luck.

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Thanks all for your responses.

I looked at a Gator case today, not to impressed with the quality, the interior was starting to come detached and the catches didn't have a good feel.

I'll look at a Hiscox though Thomanns from Germany say they should have the Epi ones in stock w/c 25th August £65.00 delivered

Once again thanks

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