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Huge Squeeling noise help


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Hey guys heres the problem


When i play my Epi LP (2008 Std) through my Vox AD-30-VT amp it is fine till i turn it up to about 3/4's. Anything above that and there seems to be a real bad squeel coming out of the amp so bad i have to turn it off. If i turn down the volume on the pickup im using it is still there. If i turn down the tone pot from 10 to 0 then it will go but only on 0. Doesnt get less as you turn it just when a 0 point. It does this on both pickups too. The squeel is till there if i hold the strings still too. Also the amp cuts out when i have everything at max for about a second then comes back on. Is this because it cant handle being pushed full wack.


I tried a diff cable and no diff. It doesnt seem to do it with my kramer guitar plugged in as bad but still does it.


Thing is it dosent do it in the epi valve junior amp i have when that is maxed out?


Is it the guitar or amp? Im thinking might be both but might be more the amp. Anyone else every had bad high pitch squeeling with a Les Paul or even with a vox ad series amp?



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Are you facing the amp, in all these situations? Does it "feedback" less, turning away?

The difference in your two guitars, may be the strength of the pickups. Is it "microphonic"

feedback...high pitch squeal, or whistle? If standing further away and turning away from

it doesn't help...you may need to take the amp to a tech, and have it looked at. You could

also try lowering the pickups, on your guitar(s) a bit. Some Asian made pickups do tend to

be (or go) "microphonic." But, most modern ones, have been wax potted, so that may not

be the case? If you're in a small room, playing "way loud," that will have an effect, too.


Good luck!


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Think i am facing the amp always. Its a squeel not a whistle. The pickups on my Epi are the stock ones it came with (there suppose to be waxed potted i think) Its a 2008 LP std from china EE type.


If when im holding the strings to stop them vibrating and it still squeels will lowering the pickups work? The squeel isnt present when playing but as soon as you stop with in a second it builds to a really high pitch squeel.


Thanks so far.


Seems strange my valve junior doesnt do it. Maybe it isnt quite loud enough and i sit right in front of it too. Is the amp cutting out because everything is on max???


Thanks again

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Is it the guitar or amp?


Amp -- your process of elimination method using a different amp w/o squealing provided your answer.

Now your mission is to determine why the amp is behaving badly.

SS -- I'm no help because as a bluesman' date=' solid state always squeals and hisses to my ears.

Best of luck to you.


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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Well, for one thing, turn away from the amp. If you're facing it...you set it up to feedback...much like

when placing PA speakers behind the microphones. So, try turning away from the amp...you'd play

that way at a gig, anyway...right? If that doesn't help, at all, then take the amp in, and get it looked

into/serviced. Lowering the pickups may help, but if your facing the amp, probably not much! Although,

the magnetic pull on the strings, once you stop playing may have a part, in causing the strings to vibrate,

and setting up the feedback situation? Hard to tell, not being there.


Again, good luck!


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dodgy valve?

actually not sure if it is valve. now thats good marketing if it's ss!

"The Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12AX7 triode vacuum tube together with an actual low-wattage tube power amp circuit, a virtual output transformer and a dummy speaker circuit that simulates the impedance changes of a real speaker."8-[ =P~:-&

that clears it up?

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Cheers guys for the help will look at getting sorted.


Glad its not my baby (LP) :D/


The Vox is a hybrid (thats what they call it on here). Has a tube in the preamp. (thats as good as my knowlege on the amp is im afraid. If the tube was on its way out what would normally be a tell tale sign?


Amp is only about 1 year old and played near max prob 5 times for about 2 hours max each time. So 10 hours total heavy use. Normally run about 10 watts. (I always have master vol at max just control output by the built in attenuator on the back. (Vox AD-30-VT)


Would having the master volume up at max always wear the tube quicker as i think the master volume on these amps controls the preamp tube.


Thanks guys.

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30 watt Valvetronix? I don't know which amp you're modeling, or which effects you'r using with it, but try setting it on the floor, with a thin book under the back edge, 1-2" thick should do it, and standing BEHIND the amp.

That should fix any feedback problems, regardless of settings such as too much pre-amp, or trble for some amp models

Also, try turning down the power reduction switch on the back.

Good luck, from a fellow ValveT Head.

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