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Epi valve junior combo small review after 3 weeks for anyone wanting one

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Hey guys got myself a valve junior a few weeks ago now and this is what i think


Great amp perfect for home. Loud but not to crazy. Would say its about 3/4 as loud as my Vox AD-30-VT.


Good build quality except the handle broke as i picked it up (the thread came out of the screw) Bit of super glue stopped that and ok now.


Beautiful blues sound when turned up at about half for my liking. The tone is amazing.


Not much clean room tho. The clean only last about a quarter of the volume then starts t break up. (Im using humbucklers on my LP) Perfect for what i like. With a tele it seemed louder when clean so guitar makes a diff.


The speaker is also very good IMO. I ran the amp through my Vox speaker and i have to say it sounds much nicer through the eminence speaker provided.


Slightly muddy when turned up high but may be my pickups as my Kramer sounds awesome up loud through it. (Kramer has a quad rail pickup)


Cant fault it other than the handle. The design is not to everyones liking as its vintage styled but i like it.


Any questions and i'll see if i can help

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