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Change pickguard of Epiphone Dot


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Hy! I wanted to ask if there is something I have to take care of when I change the pickguard of my Epiphone Dot? It looks like there are only some screws and that should be it, right?

But maybe there are some hints around how to do it right without damaging the guitar...


Thanks a lot!

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Only 2 screws. Really pretty simple. Finding another pickguard that will drop right on isn't. There are some made by All Parts, but the screws probably won't line up and you may or may not need to do some trimming to make it fit. If you can make one yourself, that won't be an issue.


I don't have the tools to make one, so it was more cost effective for me to have one made. I had mine made here. It cost about $45, but it fits like a glove. I sent him the original pg and he made me a 335 type that lined up perfectly, plug and play.

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I make 'em. made my sheris cream guard.

made lerxsts gib style 335 guard, too.

I think I still have the trace for that guard around here somewhere.

I just use a trace. so you don't have to ship the whole guard and pay for that.

fits perfect. any material.


not that I'm trying to sell you one.. I'm just saying that's what I do.

I would never try to sell anyone anything in here because that's a no no.

Nope, just me trying to explain the process, cost and results, that's all.

just a bit of the old passing information along thing. that's me, boy..

helpful friendly and staying within the rules.. why you can ask anyone!

they'll tell you.. oh yah ol' twang me made a mistake once but now he's a good

little boy.




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  • 4 years later...

Just found this thread & wanted to add my 2 cents.


I'm plannin' to add a Gibson 335 long-style 'guard to my Epi Dot Studio, to make it look more like a Gibson.

I've been lookin' around & found the place(mentioned earlier) that wanted $45 & also found another place(can't remember the name right off hand) that sold Epi (1 - 4ply)versions of this Dot style 'guard & the cheapest one was like $30. Talk about sheesh!


Then I went on guitarpartsresource & found they have GIBSON 5-ply (long & short)version 335 'guards for, get this, $14.99! http://www.guitarpartsresource.com/pickguard_es335.htm


I've done the measurements & it should fit my Dot fine. Gonna order a black one for my Dot soon. Will let ya know.



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