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Hi everyone, i'm new.


I need some help with my LP Peewee. I just got one and all the hardware is beyond crap. I'd like to upgrade the wraparound bridge to a gibson or a tonepros one and I need to know if I should get a USA or a METRIC. i thought all epis were metric since they are made in Asia but I read this on the description of one of the bridges: "Fits USA and metric guitars fitted with stud mount bridges with standard center stud spacing" and I'm very confused. I live in MADRID, SPAIN and I need to get it all online so I can't risk ordering the wrong stuff. I got the peewee in the US.


I've looked at these (and I like the tone pros):


-Tone Pros AVT2P-N Wraparound Bridge for PRS Nickel (USA)


-Tone Pros AVT2M-C Wrap-around Bridge Chrome for PRS SE (METRIC)


-USA Gibson PTTP-030 TP-6 Tailpiece w/ Fine Tuners (USA)




I also want to change the tuners and I want to fit in a set of gibson de luxe vintage tuners but I don't know if they will fit just like that or if I need Tuning Key Conversion Bushings.


I'd also Like to know opinions on the best upgrades in your opinion (maybe other bridges or tuners) as well as the best sounding pickups for this size.


About tuning, I put in .12 strings and the high E broke. Perhaps I was tuning it an octave too high, I don't know but I put in another set of .12 and tuned it to G and left it like that until I know more to avoid unnecesary spending. So, how can you tune this to E? Aren't the strings too tight on the high octave and too lose for normal E tuning? Mine won't stay in tune anyway, the tuners are the worst, so I won't know until I fit in the new ones, but I can do that until I know which ones to get.


Anyway, the debate is open, and I'd very much like to know everyone's opinion


thanks so much!!

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For Tuning take a look at this PDF from Epiphone's download section: http://epiphone.com/images/PeeWeeInstrcSht_lr.pdf

Using that I have had no trouble with my stepsons. Still goes out of tune after playing a bit, but not as bad. For fun I put a Pearly Gates in it, sounds very good, but will be swapping that out with a Dimarzio PAF(actually bought Pearly Gates for different guitar, shop installed it for free for me knowing this)

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